Trendy design which attract customers

Trendy design which attract customers

The internet has allowed us to expand our horizons and attract design clients from around the globe. I myself have clients in Canada, the United States, Brittan and Australia. But with the world becoming a smaller place we shouldn’t give up on finding clients closer to home. There’s something to be said about meeting face to face to discuss a project which isn’t always possible with long distance clients. Not to mentions the relationships that can form by teaming up with someone from your area. Whether you live in a metropolitan area or a rural setting there are still vast quantities of potential clients right outside your doorstep.


If you’re trying to attract multi-million dollar clients then some of the marketing methods I’m about to discuss may not work for you. But if you’re happy landing smaller design jobs, as in under $10,000, then I encourage you to give these a try.

Over the years I’ve used lots of different marketing methods to land business. Here, in no particular order, are ten that have helped me attract design clients. 

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There’s no doubt that clients are the most important capital of any business. Indeed, no business can survive without a satisfactory influx of new clients which result in profit in accounting statements at the end of the year.

This is not an exception for graphic designers. We need good promotion strategies that help attract new customers to our business. As you’ll see here, there are lots of ways we designers can attract new clients; some might deliver faster results than others. The best way to know is to test and measure the results each time to evaluate which tactics are having the biggest impact on your growth.


You need to find ONE specific thing that you do and all other graphic designers don’t. It could be delivering your final work product in just 3 days, doing minor corrections free of charge, or giving away a free business card design with a website design project. Whatever you use, consider how it will appeal to new customers and make you stand out from the competition.



You should always try new ways to attract new customers. If you haven’t tried cold calling, go for it and measure the results you get from it. Leave flyers at your local library. Send your portfolio links and well-written sales letter to relevant target markets like book publishers or printing businesses, for example. Just make sure to market your irresistible offer and your unique selling proposition in all of your promotional activities.

There are undoubtedly 1001 other ways to attract new clients to your business. Have you tried different strategies? I’d love to hear what worked for you, please leave your ideas in the comments.


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