Digital marketing concepts in 2021

Digital marketing concepts in 2021

People’s boredom levels have increased while sheltering-in-place and lots of have turned to short-form video for entertainment: TikTok is now the well-liked platform for Gen Z, Snapchat implemented a serious redesign, and Facebook launched Instagram Reels to urge in on the action. Given the boost in social media consumption for all generations, CMOs have redirected budgets to those channels — in Q2 of 2020, social media accounted for nearly 25% of total marketing budgets, an increase of 13% from 2019.

Given the love for all things quick and catchy, marketers looking to focus on younger customers must invest in their short-form video strategy and execution. TikTok for Business launched earlier this year and is about to expand its paid promotion and advertising options in 2021 — in other words, marketers should start studying abreast of this elusive platform now.

Developing short-form videos could seem deceptively simple, but balancing branded messaging with the carefree tone related to short-form videos would require customer research, strategy, and creativity. on average, Gen Z has an 8-second span — it’s time to start out experimenting with the way to best communicate your brand purpose, product values, and CTA in a short and snappy way. 

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The New Industry Norm: Marketing Automation
With digital marketing technology growing in sophistication, it should come as no surprise that we’ll witness marketing automation become a necessary industry mainstream. The customer journey is so dynamic and fluid, with dozens of touchpoints across multiple devices, that having sophisticated attribution models is that the only thanks to predicting outcomes and calculate ROI accurately. Over time, as a corporation grows, it’ll be nearly impossible to trace these numbers manually.

That’s where a marketing automation platform comes in — actually, 67% of selling leaders already leverage marketing automation tools. Though marketing automation software has existed for years, developers regularly release new digital capabilities. In 2021, this technology will further evolve, allowing marketers to raised convert leads, generate personalized content, and track results. Take it from us: Marketing automation is going to be the sole thanks to doing digital marketing effectively in 2021 and beyond.

Time to form Your New Year’s Resolutions
In a year crammed with unprecedented change, digital marketing has evolved to match new habits and demands of brands and consumers alike. we will safely say that 2021 are going to be the year of continued digital transformation and engagement, where the innovative use of technology, marketing strategy, and artistic ideas will make or break brands. Rise above your competitors by preparing for these four likely trends — start shifting resources, kickstarting brainstorm sessions, and conducting research.


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